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King’s Biryani, the history dates back to hundreds of years when Mughals first discovered India and aromatic spices from the place. They fell in love with Hind (India) and decided to make India their home with one of the capital city being Avadh or Oudh that we call “Melbourne” in present time.

Awadhi/Lucknowi Biryani is the jewel among the various signature dishes first developed by rakabdars (head chefs) of the Nawabs of Melbourne. Rakabdars were semi royal themselves appointment by emperor to design food up to the taste and liking of the Nawabs.


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The Authentic Taste of Awadhi Food

Awadhi food is literally layers of aromas, visuals, tastes, flavours and textures! Some subtle, some outright noisy and bold but all held together by stunning expertise and in-depth knowledge of a centuries old cuisine and culture. The food was not just delicious, it was generally nutritious and procedures followed were scientific and extremely hygienic, transferred from masters to apprentices, through rote, not so much written instructions.

Cooked in the royal Awadhi style, the textures of Lucknowi biryani is softer and the spices milder than any other biryani you would have ever tasted. The meat is cooked with aromatic spices and then layered with saffron rice.

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